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Welcome to Aligned Creative! This single-woman digital studio was founded with budding business owners in mind. After completely switching careers from retail merchandising & buying to website design & development, I understand taking a risk & making the leap to pursue what lights you up.

I love partnering with other small business owners who are building new careers themselves or need a site upgrade after trying to DIY it (hey, tech isn’t for everyone).

I’ve always had a knack for both the analytical and the creative, so I’ll take care of every step of the website building process – from planning to design to full development.

Together we’ll create a custom, purpose-driven site that reflects your personality, your brand vision, and your target audience. Because your online space should be uniquely you.

Meet The Creative Developer

Hi, I'm Melissa

Personality Profiling

Zodiac Sign —- big Virgo energy
Enneagram —- Type 1
Myers-Briggs Type —- INTJ
Human Design —- Manifesting Generator


— listening to old music & new podcasts
— watching guilty pleasure tv without the guilt
— exploring woo-woo things, but with a grounded approach
— planning our future move to Amsterdam
— saving Instagram posts to collections
— watching our 3 cats (Midge, Finn, & Murphy) do literally anything


Squarespace & Wordpress

Design & Code

Oh, and magic ✨

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